Friday, March 28, 2008

write write write.... wat do I write

“I write. I write that I am writing. Mentally I see myself writing that I am writing and I can also see myself seeing that I am writing. I remember writing and also seeing myself writing. And I see myself remembering that I see myself writing and I remember seeing myself remebering that I was writing and I write seeing myself write that I remeber having seen myself write that I saw myself writing that I was writing and that I was writing that I was writing that I was wrirting. I can also imagine myself writing that I had already written that I would imagine myself writing that I had written that I was imagining myself writing that I see myself writing that I am writing.”
- Salvador Elizondo / The Graphographer

28th Feb 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Caps Key ... startup switch to your programs...

Startup your windows applications on the stroke of CAPS key...

Free utility Capster is an amazingly small (5K) program that turns your Caps Lock key into a kind of startup mode switch. Choose a few programs that you sometimes would like to have started at Windows login, and Capster will place them in your Startup folder but launch them only if you hit Caps Lock before you arrive at your desktop. The obvious benefit is to folks who use their systems in two different modes—like wanting to have your email, calendar, and productivity apps opened when you're working, Capster is a free download for Windows systems only which can be found here [Capster] More apps can be found on the same link....

9:45 pm
4th Feb, 2008

Gmail on your RSS Feeds now.

NOW READ your mail on your Feed Reader ...

Gmail has a introduced a new feature which is not available in other webmail applications:i.e feeds for unread messages.
  1. For example, the feed shows the most recent unread items from your inbox.
  2. Gmail also offers feeds for your labels:,
B its always better have a comprehensive listing of all the unread messages, not just the ones that have a certain label. And it becomes little tricky also to remember all the labels... you might have a dozen of them to keep on your fingertips... And as "unread" is one of the many built-in labels in Gmail, so this can be used to obtain the feed:

Gmail's feeds require authentication, so they don't work in many feed readers, like Google Reader or iGoogle.

9:15 pm
4th Feb,2008