Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Aircel 3G- My Super Hero

The Aircel 3G- My Super Hero

In this age where kids grow up aspiring super heroes, I sure have one .
There was a time when My mother would learn to make Pen friends and write letter to all kith and kins. But times have changed now. Everything happens at a faster speed and you never know if we surpass the speed of light one day, Mankind after all.

Now how have times changed? Let's have a look at my daily schedule where I connect with the outer world at several instances- be it catching up personal lives on Facebook, or Tweeting to my favourite superstars and getting the news instantaneously, be it stumbling upon  the awesome stuffs in the world of which I little know or Digging the hot topics, my interaction with the online world does not stop here . I am quite a helping hand as well, when my neighbour wants to know arrival time of trains, flights, or when my sweet sister wishes to cook a new dish for me , the YouTube reaches right into our kitchen on my Phone.

And that's not all, be it the time I wish to make use of, in any corner of this country, I am never handicapped. Be it catching up news stories , or calculating metrics , preparing presentations and sending to my team members , business clients , replying to my mails,  I do it all in a flash of a minute.  and no need to worry about where I save my work, the cloud service is accessible on my every device or computer I use .

And do you wish to know the secret of my dynamic life ?! Yes , it's a super hero - My Aircel 3 G connection. My life is incomplete without you.
It's time for your to get one and Unleash YOUR WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES

Hemant Betala