Monday, May 26, 2008

Zune 2.5 is available now

Zune 2.5

Hi ppl .. the all new zune 2.5 (software+firmware) is available for download at

zune 2.5 package contains all the necessary updates required .... (a solution for those who complain saying that the zune software does not install on their machines ... xp vista this that....

The newer version is great.. helps u edit the metatags for the album/songs so tat yr ZUNE Library is pretty arranged.... autoplaylist feature.... minor changes in the interface of yr zune player (includes categorisation of videos into music tv movies etc...)

nywayz the required updates/essential pre installed software son yr computer include
from (
• The Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
• Microsoft Windows Media Format 11 runtime with windows media player 11
• Microsoft Error Reporting 2.0
• XMLLite

some more zune tools from microsoft @

hv fun.. enjoy ZUNE-ing

01:15 25th may