Sunday, February 10, 2008

How (to make ) Things Work @ Howcast

Today while browsing I came across this web site HOWCAST ( on lifehacker..... You will surely remember the book titled ""How Things Work"" from your school days...
Well I guess HOWCAST is a combination of Pod Cast and this How To Make Things Work.... It contains Video Tutorials on several day to life tpoics may be a very simple one as 'how to learn english' to... 'how to apply a lipstick'

I had a look at few of the videos... How To Make Chocolate Pot De Creme,,,How To Take Great Pictures With Your Cell Phone,,,,Extend Your iPod's Battery Life (this one s embedded below)
The video quality is very good and I found them better than those of YouTube's,,, (Howcast is created by the veterans of YouTube) and this is because the howcasts are wither submitted by itself or by its members but Howcast screens out inappropriate content by
actively monitoring and responding to user feedback about any such content.

Its disapponting that all the Videos are not downloadable ... (If you wanna download and watch them later---no option here) but some Podcasts are available for download as RSS Feeds or as Apple iPod's podcasts . These downloadable videos are availabe at Wat if you wanna share the videos with your friends.,,,,, well Howcast gives you an option to embed its Howcasts on your blog or webpage (I have embedded one below). Howcast permits a video file of max 100 mb..(Thats one limitation,,)

Well overall its a good informative site in the "How To s" categor covering almost all day to life topics like Food, Crafts, Health, Parenting, Business................many more...

I suggest you to atleast have a look at howcast,,, atleast if you are planning on how to live on a budget or backingup your iTunes Library

10th Feb, 2008


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